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What is Civil Defence ?

     Civil Defence or Civil Protection is an effort to protect the citizen of state from military attacks and natural disasters.

History Civil Defence :



              Date of Establishment -1937

              Civil Defence Act -1961

              The First Civil Defence Member- Dr. E. Raghvendra Rao

         Aims of Civil Defence -

                    1.  To save life and property.

                    2.   Continuity of production

                    3.   To keep the morality high of the people

         Protective Awareness

                    1.   Pre air raid - Preventive

                    2.   During air raid - Control Measures

                    3.   Post air raid - Restoration

What is Civil Defence ?

          Civil Defence is the Measures adopted by the civilian population, Government,local cell bodies,voluntary agency etc. During a war to minimize the effect of enemy action on man and material. Civil Defence is essentially the defence of the citizen by the citizen and for the citizen.


      Civil Defence work -

                   1. Head Quarter Service

                   2. Warden Service

                   3. Fire Fighting Service

                   4. Casualty Service

                   5. Communication Service

                   6. Training Service

                   7. Rescue Service

                   8. Depot and Transportation Service

                   9. Salves Service

                  10. Welfare Service

                  11. Supply Service

                  12. Crop disposal service


       Civil Defence organisation

                 1.Central Level

                 2.State Level

                 3.Local Level

       Head Quarter Service:-  

               Central service

               Civil Defence advisory comity

               Home Minister

               C.V. Comity

               Home Ministry

               Civil Defence Stuff Planning Comity


       Warden service :-

               Warden is regarded as the bond of Civil Defence (back bond)

              Chief Warden (1 Lakh Population)

               By Chief Warden

               Divisional Warden

               Post Warden (20000 Population)

               By post warden

               Sector warden (4000 population)


        Fire Fighting warden :-

              Two parties -House Fire parties (4 warden Members  500 population)

                                   Trailer Pump Parties (8 Members)

       Casualty Service :-

              Static First aid Post (1 lakh Population)

              Mobile First aid Post (4 members)

  Communication Service:-

              Control Center  -  I.C. officer

                                           Telephone In Messenger

                                            Telephone out Messenger

    Training service:-

        Training For Disaster before


    Rescue Service :-

               8 Members

               1 Leader

               2 Skill Person

               4 Members

               1 driver / Store Keeper

               P.W.D Engineer

        Rescue operation shoring:-

              1. Flying

              2. Dead 


     Welfare Service- Fooding and Clothing

     Supply Service - Equipment and food supply

     Crop disposal Service - Dead Body Disposal.

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