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What is Blood Microfilaria


Blood Microfilaria

Several kind of worm live  in the tissue. Alive in the stain in the vains or in the lymph vessels  and not in the gut like the hookworms .The most important gut of worms which lives in the tissue are called filaria. They causes disease called filariasis and produce young worms called microfilaria. (Little filaria). Most of this microfilaria can be found in the blood. Blood microfilarias are easily found in a blood flim or with concentration method. Microfilarias have a head a body and a tail. Some microfilarias are more common at special times of day and night. This are said to periodicity when microfilaria are live. They move about in the blood like very alive snake. It is better to lone for then moving about in face blood.

Identification of Microfilaria-
Collection Of specimen-Take 3-5 ml blood or capillary blood from the figure and 8/ to 0.5 ml sodium citrate solution (3.8) or one  drop finger pick blood and one drop citrate solution place between a slide and cover glass and examine for motile microfilaria under the low power of the microscope.
Time of Collection the blood-Examination should be carried out at night.Some specimen for microfilaria during the they also. If midnight blood collection between 10 pm to 02 am.
Materials needed-
                          1. Blood lancet,
                          2.Cotton wool shock 
                          3. Clean glass slide 
                          4. Cover Slip 
                          5. 70% alcohol

1. Sterilize the finger to be pick with ethornal 4th finger of the left hand. Collect the 1st drop of blood because that appears contain more microfilaria.
2. Mixed the blood with sodium citrate solution using the corner of a cover sleep. Cover the preparation with the cover slide.
3.Prepare to thick flim and on another slide using two drops more of blood for the identification of stain microfiliria.
4.Examine the face smare immediately under the 10x objective.
5.The first smare of the blood presents of microfiliria is movement among the red blood cell.

Standing for Microfiliria Slide
Materials needed beker staining Zar 2% acid alcohol. Preparation 2 ml hydrochloric acid mixed with 98 ml alcohol (Mitchell Alcohol)
1.The Hemoglobinison of Microfiliria   slide.Prepare a thick blood smare as meleria parasite smare.
2.The hemoglobinsion of thick smart as malaria parasite slide as a place the slide vertically in the staining tray and through feel with distilled water.
3.Leave for 10 minutes for hemoglobin sink gradually to the bottone. Take the 3 slide 3 and pour off the distilled Water from the slide.
4.Fixed the slide in 2% acid alcohol by one drop only
5. Staining with dinsy stain for 30 minutes.
6.After 30 minutes watch the slide with distel water and dry it.

Microscopical Examination Cover the stain

Smare with a cover slip and placed one drop oil. 1st look for microfilaria using the 10 x objective and than examination microfiliria found with the 100 x oil emartion objective.

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