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How to Changes of blood on standing ?

 Changes of blood on standing –

Changes of blood when lot is keep for a long time as.

1/ Lost of carbon die-oxide- Carbone die- oxide contains of plasma is higher than that of air. Their for some it is last from the plasma to the atmosphere.
2/ conversion of glucose to lecties aid conversion of glucose to lactic acid occur glycotysis.
3/Increase in plasma in organic phosphate present in the cell.
4/ Formation of anemia from Urea Occurs long standing of blood. So, blood serum or plasma sweet be analysis as arely as possible after collection of blood. Whenever required it should be stome at 4 Degree Centigrade.

Clot Reaction-

 When whole blood is allow to clot the coagulum is compose of all elements of blood in this time the coagulum reduce in serum and express the clot. The coagulation mechanism occurring in three stare-

1. The formation of thromboplasting.
2. The formation of thrombin
3. The formation of fibring the actual formation of clot occurs of fibrin the clot reaction is directly related.

Thromboplastin- The time consuming reaction which take place when blood is allow to clot in a glass tube.

Thrombin- Thrombin means anti-coagulate clotting time of measure.

Making Reagent- This is a com molar method of Preparatory laboratory  solution of chemical in Water. In this method a weight of the soliut.

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